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About Us

Men’s netball started to become popular in Australia in the 80’s with the first National Championships held for men in 1985.  

The men’s league was held for the first time in the ACT in 2016, games were played on Saturday afternoons and rotated around the five district locations.

In 2017 saw the League continue with more teams participating.  In 2018 ACT Men’s League aligned with the Netball ACT State League competition where it continues to grow.


2023 was the fifth year that the ACT Griffins competed at the Australian Men's and Mixed Netball Championships and was our most successful yet.


In 2024 we are excited to be taking 3 teams (under 17s, Mens Opens and Mixed Opens) to the Australian Men's and Mixed Netball Championships in Brisbane. It will be the first year the ACT Griffins have entered teams into the Opens division. It is a huge milestone for our organisation and we are excited to see the growth of program. 


The Griffin was selected as the emblem for your representative men’s netball team as it draws reference to the designer of Canberra, Walter Burley Griffin after whom one of the ACT’s most iconic land marks, Lake Burley Griffin is named, but also for its amazing qualities which we draw parallels in the qualities we desire in our representative teams. 
The griffin is a legendary creature which incorporates the lion, the king of the land, and the eagle, the king of air, just as the ACT Men’s teams will incorporate strength and speed on the court and in the air. 
The Griffin's amalgamation of lion and eagle embodies courage and boldness, and denotes strength and leadership. Importantly the Griffin represents a combination of intelligence and strength, exactly what we are working for from our players and teams.
Griffins are fiercely loyal, committed to their family above and beyond all else.

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